'The Jump Room' video and performance will appear in Southend in 2018, alongside the publication of a book about the project

The Jump Room is a project by artist Richard Whitby, incorporating video, drawing, writing, performance and collaborations. This website presents both the previous iterations of the project, and new elements as they develop. 
The Jump Room takes its name from a conspiracy theory alleging the existence of devices allowing teleportation between Earth and Mars, installed in the form of ordinary looking elevators in several buildings in the US. Theories such as this one seem to explain the world through complex but linear and apparently evidenced narrative. Whitby is interested in how various kinds of narrative accrue value, be that within the service industry, the conspiracy theorist 'Truth Community' or mainstream political campaigning. In this project he uses these ideas, alongside tropes from cinema, performance and contemporary communications media, to explore the nature of social, cinematic and commercial fictions.  Since 2015, elements of The Jump Room have appeared at hrm199 Ltd (with LegionTV), Seoul Museum of Art (Nanji Studios) and Jerwood Space. In 2017 a new video, performance and publication will be made with Southend-on-Sea’s Old Waterworks. 

Arts Council England
The Elephant Trust
The Old Waterworks, Southend-on-Sea
Focal Point Gallery
South Kiosk
Jerwood Space
SeMA Nanji
hrm199 Ltd.

Thanks to:
Sooyon Kim, Alistair Beaton, Lumberjack Cafe, Haroon Mirza, Kiera Blakey, Steve Lodge, Sion Parkinson

Got the Sucker performance 2015